13 Celebrities That Showed a Different Side of Beauty

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As much as it may seem like it, beauty isn’t the key to success in Hollywood. Wait what?

No, really. While a lot of celebs pay a great attention to their looks and even go on surgeries to improve their appearance, others don’t mind it at all. They get their immense fame from their skill, talent and, of course, uniqueness. The best part about this is that they’re completely aware of their not-so-attractive features, but they embrace that fact fully and decide to show the other side of the beauty, too. They prove that it’s lovely to be different than the rest.

Want to see which they are?

Daniel Craig

Source: Especial

This heartthrob was criticized by a huge number of devoted James Bond fans mainly because of his acting and looks. Luckily, he shut their mouths after his terrific portrayal of the secret agent. He even became the highest-paid Bond in history. Way to go, pal!

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