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Downloading stuff is actually one of the best things about owning a smartphone. Right now upgrading or customizing hardware is not really a things when it comes to mobile devices, so software is where the deal’s at. Applications are the way to go when you want to upgrade the performance of your smartphone and make your experience tailored to your personal needs. So what can you do to get rid of those annoying, clunky in-browser downloads? Getting a download manager is what you should do, and we’re here to let you know what the very best download manager for Android is!

Which app is the best download manager for Android mobile phones


What do download managers actually do to justify you deciding to use them? Not only do they let you stop in the middle of a download and then reinitiate it without having to start over, they also significantly speed up the whole process by separating big files into chunks that are much easier to digest for your Internet connection. Now you know why you should care about these useful little programs and which of them is the best download manager for Android… Let’s get to it!


  • Advanced Download Manager

This app seems to be the Holy Grail amongst download managers. It supports numerous browsers and actually is able to automatically detect when you are initiating a download, so you don’t have to do too much! ADM lets you download up to three files at the same time – if you want more, you can queue them and they will download afterwards. When the download is done, ADM may notify you through vibration and sound. It will also create organized folders in which to save files of different types. Downloads take place in the background, so nothing will disturb you while you’re using your other apps! If you wish so, you can also set a widget for your home screen.


  • Turbo Download Manager

The name doesn’t late – the kick of TDM is how amazingly fast it makes your downloads. Thanks to its usage of multiple HTTP connections, this app can make your downloads even 5 times faster! Sounds impressive and it is so. In order to modify how fast you want your downloads to take place, you may increase or decrease the maximum number of connections per one file. This app will also download even the largest files for you as it doesn’t limit their size. Unfortunately, TDM doesn’t automatically hijack your downloads from the browser, but it is easy to initiate. You just need to long press a link and share it through the app.


  • Download Accelerator Plus

What makes this app special is that it has a built-in internet browser with functions such as bookmarks, browsing history, and multiple tabs. That makes using it much more comfortable – if you know you’re looking for something to download, you can just use DAP through the entire process without having to jump between applications. DAP can also not only resume downloads that you paused – it will also automatically repair any partial files that got broken because of the download stopping for a reason such as broken connection.


  • Loader Droid Download

This app has all the typical functions of a download manager, automatic catching of downloads included. What sets it apart from other applications is that whenever your connection breaks down, it will detect it and pause the download so that the file doesn’t get damaged. It will also automatically resume the process once the connection is back up. If you care for aesthetics, you will be pleased to hear that LDD also supports two different themes – dark and light.


  • Download Manager for Android

DMfA has a built-in function that lets your perform searches on YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo, and Google. It suggests downloads by accessing your browser history (if you let it). It also lets you easily share the files that you download through social media. DMfA also supports voice quick search, so if you don’t like typing away all the time, this might as well be the app for you.


Now you know how download managers assist you in attaining the smoothest possible experience on your Android device. You’ve also gotten to know numerous applications with diverse functions, so do you already know what your best download manager for Android is?



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