Best Season 6 Theories Based on Newest GoT Trailer

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Comes to no surprise that HBO would have wanted to keep to themselves as much as possible about season 6 of Game of Thrones. This time, we can’t really base our speculations on the book original, as tome six is yet to be released. But there’s only a week before season 6 hits the screens, so we’ve finally gotten our hands on a really meaty trailer… Meaty when you know what to look at! Some clues might have gone unnoticed by you if you concentrated too much on the battles and the fires, so if you’re not afraid of spoilers – take a look at our list.


Davos + Sansa = <3




So it seems like Davos is on one well-defined side in Season 6, as he’s seen riding into  battle with the Stark banner leading the way. If you take a look at what happens to Sansa in the last trailer, you may reach the conclusion that the two’s fates may be intertwined: we mean “the dead are coming” scene in particular. There is another banner behind Davos and if our eyesight doesn’t fool us, it may be House Mormont that is involved. Ser Jorah’s fmer home is now under the reign of Lyanna, a 10-year-old noble lady whose loyalties used to lie with Stannis. Will she accept Sansa as her new queen with no other Starks in sight?

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