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So you’ve decided to become an investor – congratulations! This is a huge decision that will have a significant impact on your future financial condition and that, hopefully, will bring your retirement forward. But be warned – it is of utmost importance that you place your savings in good hands. In order to do that, you need to choose a stock trading platform – or the best stock trading platform, if you sincerely wish to succeed! Take a look at our list of proven sites and try to choose the best one for yourself.

The best stock trading platform in the market


OptionsHouse is a site that makes you trust it on first sight – just look at that sleek design! The fees that you’ve got to pay them are quite clear and straightforward. It’s an important feat as knowing what you’re being charged for is something that every smart investor has to do. What’s more, after registering on the site and funding your account, you can enjoy 60 days of trading without commissions – essentially, for free. This is a great option for a beginner who wants to get a feel of the industry without spending too much on fees. The site offers real-time market data and notifications. There are also additional benefits for the most active traders, so you may consider this choice if you plan to use their services regularly. OptionsHouse offers $4.95 flat fee stock trades and also options trades for $4.95 + $.50 per contract.


Sadly, this site looks much less 21st century, but what counts is its functionality and pricing. How does TradeKing compare? Their flat fee for stock and ETF trades is $4.95. If you want to do option trades, it’s $4.95 and 65 cents per every contract. TradeKing also doubles as a social hub for traders. You are offered a network where you can share your strategies, ideas, and experiences with fellow traders – and also benefit from their insights. If you are still a bit scared of stock trading, you will no doubt feel much better when you realize that TradeKing is covered by SIPC protection and additional third-party insurance to make sure that your money is safe. If you use the code FREE1000, you’ll be eligible for 1000$ in free trade commission!


Scottrade offers regular stock trades at $7.00. One of its main advantages is its extensive network of branch offices – if you don’t like to keep all your business online and Scottrade operates near where you live, that might be a reason for you to choose them over other brands. The firm also offers different options depending on their client’s needs, with a number of options to include in your portfolio. Additionally, you can use screening tools for equities, ETFs, and mutual funds.

E*TRADE is a well-established site with a down-to-earth, customer friendly interface. When you first visit, you are asked about your experience, goals, and whether you want to be in control of your investments or if you prefer for experts to take over and let you sleep in peace. $9.99 is their standard rate, although you may get it to decrease if you’re a loyal customer, and options contracts cost $0.75. A mobile platform, E*TRADE Mobile, is offered for you to be able to take care of your finances on the go, which makes the whole experience much more comfortable.


TD Ameritrade is a well-known site that boasts a hefty bonus of 60 days of commission-free trading and an opportunity to collect up to $600 bonus money. If you’re looking for someplace secure, this might be your bet – TD Ameritrade has operated for more than 40 years and their future looks bright. Their flat fee sits at $9.99 and options cost $0.75 per contract. As you can see, this is the most expensive option out of all that we’ve presented. However, you may also view it as the safest.


Are you now closer to deciding what is the best stock trading platform for you? We recommend that you visit the sites of all platforms that we’ve listed and see for yourself, in details, which of them best satisfies your personal needs and expectations.

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