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Torrents are one of the most comfortable ways of downloading content, with how they let you pause and resume your downloads whenever you want to, even after restarting your device. When you use them, you’re also independent from mirror hosts, instead depending on other users’ good will. However, up until not a long time ago they used to belong to the realm of computers only. Luckily, our smartphones are now almost equal to PCs in terms of functionality! Now using torrents is not a problem on your smartphone, but which application can be called the best torrent downloader for Android? Read the article to find out which app you should use on your smartphone and why.

The best torrent downloader for Android mobile phone


    tTorrent (FREE/4.99$)

Although its free version is ridden with ads, tTorrent is quite a complete application that supports magnet links for your comfort. It has also a built-in search function, so you don’t even need to open your browser, and supports RSS and download controls. Advanced settings are also open for adjustment, although only the tech-savvy should venture into this section of the app.


  • µTorrent (FREE/3.99$)

If you’ve heard about torrents, you’ve also heard about this app – it’s one of the most popular torrent clients for Windows. On Android, it maintains the same sleek, minimalistic style that people came to love in the desktop version. Downloads are easily manageable, including the functions that make our PC lives easier – for example, deleting torrents without getting rid of the files that they helped download. There is also a WiFi-only mode that will help you take good care of your mobile data – it will impede the app from initiating downloads when no WiFi network is available.


  • Flud – Torrent Downloader (FREE/1.50$)

Flud is an app that boasts an exquisitely designed layout – it uses material design, the kind of look that’s what’s in vogue right now. Its user interface is also optimized for tablets, for if you wanted it to spread over more of your devices, and it has two themes – light and dark. What about actual functionalities? On top of the regular features, it also supports even the biggest files and lets you download sequentially. You can also set priorities on your downloads and move files while the download is still in the process.


  • FrostWire (FREE)

This app is more than a torrent downloader – it doubles at a media player, creating a tasty all-in-one package. It even lets you stream your content while it’s still being downloaded. It is an open source application, so it’s free and open for suggestions of its users. The app also supports various languages, so if you prefer your phone to run on a language different than English – this might be your choice. There are regular updates to the app so no errors ever stay long.


  • aTorrent (FREE/2.99$)

The main selling point of this app is a well-designed home screen widget. If you like to stay in control of your downloads without having to actually launch the app that’s responsible for them, you may choose aTorrent to do that job for you. The application is constantly being developed, with a beta version available for registration.


  • CatTorrent – Torrent Client (FREE)

On top of its name and logo being cute, this app is also perfect for the casual user. It is light both in size and in design, although – for that very reason – it also boasts fewer features than most of its counterparts. One useful functionality of CatTorrent is that it supports both torrent files and magnet links. It’s also free, which also makes it much easier to commit to it if you’re not going to be downloading torrents all day, all night.


  • Vuze (FREE/3.99$)

One of the main quirks of this app is that it lets you control the download & upload speed – the perfect choice for a born leader. It also alerts you when a download is done and you can set it up to launch when you turn on your device.


There it is! You’ve been presented an extensive set of applications to choose from. Every person has a different idea of what their best torrent downloader for Android is – we hope you’ve just managed to discover yours!

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