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So you’ve gotten yourself an Android device – congratulations! Smartphones that work on this operating system are not as similar to each other as Apple products. However, there’s one thing that sets the Google-powered bunch apart from the rest of the crowd – if you own one of them, these Android tips & tricks that will set you up for a perfect experience. Follow our advice and you’ll never envy an iOS user again.

The best and most useful Android tips & tricks on mobile phone

android tips and tricks

  1. Don’t let that battery drain too fast!

Nothing sucks more than an empty battery when you just really need to make that one call. Read on to ensure you never find yourself in that situation.

  • Whenever you don’t really need to stay in touch with everything that’s going on, turn off the automatic synchronization function in your phone. You’ll have some peace & quiet and your device won’t waste energy on constantly checking if you’ve got a new email. You can do it in Settings > Accounts.
  • And if you’re just reading an e-book or playing a game in single player, turn off mobile data. You won’t risk wasting your precious megabytes and your battery level will decrease at much slower pace. You can do it in Settings > Data Usage.
  • Don’t let your device decide how much light you need! If you can spare a second or two, adjust the screen brightness manually to the lowest level that feels comfortable every time you change location. You can do it in Settings > Display or through a shortcut when you slide down the notifications bar.


  1. Have full control over your data usage!

If you don’t want the phone bill to wreak havoc in your budget or the megabytes to run out in the worst moment, you should make sure that you don’t waste data when it’s not necessary. See our Android tips & tricks to find out how easy it is to stay on top of your data usage.

  • Set a mobile data limit for each month. Basing yourself on how much data your carrier provides monthly, you can arrange for your phone to notify you when you reach a certain quota – for example, 90% of your monthly allowance. All that can be done in Settings > Data Usage.
  • Don’t forget to use Wi-Fi when available. Many people find themselves lacking those precious megabytes when they really need them because they used them all up when an alternative source was available! Do it in Settings > Wireless & Networks.
  • Disable auto updates or at least set them to only initiate when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. Do it in Play Store > Settings.


  1. Make full use of those customization opportunities!

Android devices may require some more muscle to run smoothly, but they make it up to you in a truly endearing way. After all, who doesn’t like to customize their smartphone – a truly everyday product – and make it perfect for no one else but YOU? These Android tips & tricks will let you know about some customization options you might have never considered!

  • Browse through the different “launcher” apps. As the name suggests, what these applications do is launch themselves whenever the phone is turned one and replace the original layout. There are numerous launchers and most of them come with useful functions unavailable in the bare system. Go to Play Store and look for a “launcher” to find a wide range of free and paid launchers.
  • Try to install an icon pack for a whole new visual experience. There are various graphic packages with pictures that will replace the stock icons and make your phone truly yours. Do you prefer funky and colorful or minimalistic and elegant? Go to Play Store, search for “icons”, and browse through hundreds of possible choices.
  • Are you a music lover? Adjust sound effect levels and improve your device’s sound quality with an app designed for this very purpose. Go to Play Store and look for an app called Equalizer to make your music sound just like you like it!
  • Create your perfect ringtone by isolating your favorite part of a song! Go to Play Store and download Ring Droid to create personal ringtones, alarms, and notification sounds from existing music/audio files.

If you liked these Android tips & tricks, be a good friend and share – everyone deserves to love their phone!

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