Best video calling app for Android phone

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Video callings used to be regarded as the sound of the future – something our parents believed would be a daily part of our existence. And in a way, they were right! We may not be conversing with out friends’ real-time holograms, but now, thanks to smartphones and tablets, it is easier than ever to communicate with our peers without depriving ourselves of actually seeing their facial expressions. And let’s not forget to mention all the long distance couples – you guys are those who really carry the torch for video calling! So you have a smartphone – and now what? From amongst the numerous options in the Google Play store, which one should you choose? What is the best video calling app for Android?! See our list and decide for yourself with ease!

The Best video calling app for Android phone Devices


• Facebook Messenger
Well, that wasn’t difficult! This is an app that you already know – that is, if you haven’t spent the last decade under a rock. It’s already been quite a while since Facebook made the video calling feature of Messenger public and so far it is quality. The video calling button is prominent and easy to access in the right top corner of the screen. A huge advantage of this app is that pretty much everyone already uses it. You don’t need to force your friends to download an additional app in order to talk to you.

• Viber
Viber is a less well-known application, but it has a significant number of fans for a reason. It lets you talk to your friends through video calls, but a regular chat and audio calls are also supported. Viber boasts a sizeable collection of original emojis and stickers. You can also pick and choose more from their big selection of emoji packs. Viber can be synced with your contacts and it also lets you share your localization with your friends. According to our experience, it is a bit heavier on your phone than other apps, but every update does its due at upgrading the performance.

• Camfrog
This app offers something more than your typical video calling program. Although it does everything that its peers do, such as enabling you to video call your friends and family, it is also an amazing tool for getting to know new people. Why? Because of Camfrog’s selling feature – the ability to connect you to a random stranger. If you’re ever bored, don’t forget to check it out! Just remember to watch out for adult content – we all know what happens to random video chats if a certain type of people manage to dominate it.

• Skype
This article would definitely be incomplete if we failed to include Skype, the Microsoft-owned video calling giant. It boasts 700 million users – just like Facebook Messenger, it is the kind of application that you probably won’t have to market to your friends. They already have an account, even if they don’t currently keep the app on their phone. Skype allows for audio and video calls, text chatting, and also – for a fee – making calls to outside members using their phone numbers. The app is also compatible with various devices such as desktop computers, tablets, and even TV sets.

• Hangouts
Hangouts is the third application on our list that was produced by a giant – in this case, Google. It comes to a surprise that it is so little-known when compared to its counterparts. This app will be perfect for you if your vision of a video call includes more people than just you and one other person. Hangouts supports video calls for up to 10 people at the same time. If you happen to have a Google+ account, you can also sync this app with your profile for a seamless experience.

• JusTalk
This application is refreshingly minimalistic and will be your perfect choice if all you need is to make video calls. It is virtually striped of other features, which makes it a strongly-concentrated and light little program. To make it easier for you to look up your friends, it allows you to use your Facebook account. What more is there to ask for?

How’s it going? Feeling a bit better versed in the field of video calling right now? In the article, we’ve covered applications that take many different approaches to connecting you with your friends. Depending on your needs, we’re sure you’ve already managed to choose you best video calling app for Android!

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