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So you’ve made your first step on the journey to becoming an expert investor – you’re already doing research and trying to figure out what you should do next. In our opinion, the most logical action is looking for support and resources. One of them, and an indispensable one to that, is the device that you have in front of yourself right now. That’s where you can install or simply access free charting software that we’ll soon introduce you to! What is it and why would you need it to help during your money-making endeavors? No one is capable of controlling everything that goes on in the market with sheer mind power. That is why charts, analyses, and comparisons included in a charting bundle will make stock trading much clearer and more pleasant. What should you pay attention to when analyzing and choosing software? Remember that you want it to make the absorption of data easier. That’s why its design and layout need to be simple, with easily accessible features that you care about.  Take a look at the suggestions we have for you and find your perfect software.


Top free charting software for your trading journey


Trading View is a minimalistic site designed to help you sort information and put it into perspective. Its main page is aesthetically pleasing and encouraging to use it. Trading View doubles as a community for stock traders. There are parts of the site dedicated to idea-sharing and discussions. Charts come accompanied by annotations provided by other users. You can use them to broaden your views on a specific issue or, optionally, disable them if you prefer a cleaner experience without distractions. Trading View supports various languages and markets, amongst them Brazilian (Portuguese), Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Turkish. If you’re a stock trader from outside of the US, you will surely appreciate it. The site is also optimized for usage from Apple and Android devices. Trading View PRO, PRO PLUS, and PREMIUM are subscriptions that offers additional features to paying users. Prices vary depending on the plan you choose and the period you decide to cover in advance. However, you are certainly invited to use the free version, which is also a useful resource for a trader. If you’re undecided, you can try out PRO+ for a month with no charge induced.


Stock Charts looks much less modern than the previous site we discussed. However, it is the most widely used free charting software and it is so for a reason! Albeit in a more traditional way, it is also very simplistic in design, which is a plus when it comes to stock trading. It comes as a pleasant surprise that the site switches into a prettier layout when you’re browsing through some subpages. Stock Charts offers various free tools, educational information, expert opinions, and support to its users. There is also a part of the site dedicated to user blogs. You can read them to make yourself familiar with insightful opinions of other stock traders. Stock Charts offers four tiers of paid services – Basic, Extra, Extra RT, and Pro. You can try out Stock Charts’ paid services for free during a 10-day trial.


FINVIZ is an easy-to-read, number-laden site with some unique charts. The selling point of this software is that by default it provides you with an overlay of technical analysis on every chart that you view. It is a good choice for a visual thinker, as apart from graphs, it also visualizes information in various original ways, such as geometrical maps. The site has a guided tour for uncertain first-time users, so if you’re not sure about how to navigate this type of software, you can give it a go. FINVIZ offers just one tier of paid services, FINVIZ*ELITE, which clocks in at $39.95 per month. However, just opening a free account gives you some additional features over an unregistered user.


Other sites worth mentioning:


Finding your perfect free charting software doesn’t seem so scary anymore, does it? We hope one of our suggestions will be a close companion on your way towards increasing your net worth!

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