Freedom of Speech in Danger as Police Violently Punish Mexican Journalists

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At least 12 journalists hurt

Source: http://www.animalpolitico.com/


In the last article we mentioned protests that took place in Rosarito, Baja California. Now new, terrifying details come to the surface about the terrible treatment to which Mexican journalists have been subjected by brutes who dare call themselves the police. On January 6th and 7th Mexican citizens blocked a PEMEX plant in order to protest the rising prices of gasoline. Journalists who took to the spot with the goal of broadcasting the manifestation to the public were intimidated, threatened, and – in some cases – even physically assaulted. This is especially scary when you consider that 23 journalists have dissapeared in Mexico since 2003, with 96% of them involved in topics such as corruption and authorities suspected of doubling as criminals.

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