Mexican Crisis: Instability, Unrest, and No Visible Improvement

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Scathing Report on Mexico by United States Intelligence Community

It’s a whole new era for Mexico as the United States grow colder, the economy is slowing down, and there’s no calming down for the unsettled populace. According to the United States Intelligence Community, that makes for the possibility of the left-wing party winning the 2018 presidential election. The growing inequality might push voters to consider supporting the opposition. There may be consequences to the government’s corrupt actions and incompetence: social unrest is growing and although the majority of manifestations have been peaceful, some reached a dangerous level of violence. If Mexicans’ frustration keeps growing, there’s no telling what the future might bring and the US Intelligence Community is afraid of the worst. Mexican authorities are not willing to let go of their immense benefits in order to better the situation of the people; however, their unwillingness to change is being well-documented on the social media. The internet right now forms a breeding ground for a spontaneous upheaval.


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