Mexican Crisis: Instability, Unrest, and No Visible Improvement

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Missing Priest Found Dead in Coahuila



Pictured in the center of the photo, Joaquín Hernández Sifuentes, vicar of the Saltillo parish, was found dead yesterday. He had been missing since January 3. The cause of his death remains unknown. However, it’s unlikely that his passing was innocent. Last September three priests were assassinated over the course of one week in Mexico, with bodies of two of them bearing signs of having been tortured. Thirty one priests have been murdered in Mexico over the last decade, and the country is deemed the most dangerous Latin American nation in which to be a priest. Sifuentes’ alleged murder may well be connected to the growing social unrest. Privileged groups, such as police and military, have also been targets of attacks since 2017 began.

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