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Social media is the channel you should use if you want to up your brand recognition on the cheap. Ads in the TV or in the newspaper can be thousands of times more expensive that ads on the Internet, and they might still not even cater to your target audience. If you want to reach the youth, you’ve found the perfect article to help you on your way. Read on to get to know some exciting social media marketing tools useful for every marketer who knows what’s in.

The best available social media marketing tools in the market

  • Post Planner

Post Planner is an app that will let you schedule your Facebook posts in advance – how simple and how convenient! You can schedule status updates on your personal or business profile, and even on group pages owned by you. However, that’s not all this tool has to offer. Post Planner will also supply you with a stream of inspiration for your future statuses and analyze what’s currently trending in your industry.


  • Bundle Post

This great program will make your Twitter presence so much easier and more engaging for your followers. It lets you curate your content that will be automatically posted – for example, you can automatically retweet the greats of your industry, thus staying relevant without having to actually analyze everyone’s content yourself! Bundle Post promises that you will be able to schedule 3 to 5 days in mere 20 minutes. Why not check if they’re right?


  • GitHub

GitHub is a great platform for programmers to share their open source works. It is a place for mutual assistance, motivation, scrutiny, and discussion. There’s a multitude of interesting projects, at times unfinished, lying around there for the taking. Some may be just what you need to solve your problems – GitHub offers numerous useful social media marketing tools that just need a few finished touches you can hire someone to perform.


  • KingSumo

KingSumo is a WordPress plug-in that will work wonders for you if you regularly publish blog posts or articles, but are not sure which titles your audience will find the most appealing. With KingSumo, you can input from two up to even ten headlines. The app will then rotate them and compile statistics on the performance on each title, so that in the end, you can keep the one that generates the most traffic on your site. Isn’t that what technology should be about?!


  • BuzzSumo

This app will make research so much easier for you. BuzzSumo lets you find the most successful blogs and sites in your industry and recognize the top influencers and trendsetters. You just have to input a phrase or a keyword and BuzzSumo will let you know how certain topics have been performing, what the talk of the town is, and how popular a video or an article is on each of social sites such as Twitter, Facebook or Google+. BuzzSumo is also a great tool if you want to find data on any given topic – you can use it to research sources for quotes to use in your own writing.


  • Inkybee

Inkybee is a great tool for building up a network of bloggers and content creators. As we all know, they are who really influences the public opinion – you will definitely want to be on good terms with this group! Just set the parameters in a way that satisfies you and Inkybee will quickly provide you with a personalized list of bloggers. Next, it will analyze the relationships and networking activity that you share with them, so that you may always know if you need to improve your performance.


  • Tagboard

Tagboard is the app for you if you communicate with your community via a personal hashtag. If you registed your hashtag on Tagboard and claim it as yours, you will become searchable in this Twitter-based search engine. The text and image of your choice will show up when someone decides to look up your hashtag. What would be the reason not to participate in this Wikipedia of hashtags?


Now that you know so many more great social media marketing tools, making people aware of your brand’s existence will be so much easier! Keep up the good work – thanks to our recommendations, it doesn’t have to be as hard anymore.

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