Superheroes DC Blatantly Copied From Marvel

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Marvel and DC are the unquestionable kings of the comic market, the very best at sucking monthly money off their loyalist fans. There’s also a huge antagonism between the huge powerhouses: let’s take a look at this list which shifts the positive opinions towards Marvel, as DC seems to have boldly stolen some of their characters.


Aquaman vs. Sub-Mariner


Via: houseofgeekery.com


So Sub-Mariner is actually quite a cool dude, with a strong personality and a lot to speak for him, while Aquaman has been the laughingstock of the DC team ever since he first appeared. However, although at first sight the two might not be too similar, your views will change if you consider their watery background. Both royal boys that have to do with the Atlantis, both offspring of a misalliance of a human and a princess of the sea. Sub-Mariner is 2 years older than Aquaman, so he gets the nod.

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