Will Trump Win the Elections? The Answer Is Here

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What seemed impossible a few months ago now seems to be the most likely result: will Donald Trump become the next president of the US? He’s almost got the nomination in his pocket and the public opinion has shifted to his favor very quickly. People who didn’t treat him seriously at all are now sure he’s going to get the grand prize… Do they have a point?


The first question on whether Trump can assure a victory for the republicans is: can he beat Romney? Does he have anything more to offer?


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Mitt Romney was quite a strong candidate. The sitting president always has a head start, so it’s no wonder he ultimately lost, but he had to be taken seriously; he had a chance. Yet he didn’t manage to become the President. Now you think Trump will? Seriously, if you want to push that opinion – first tell me how he’s better than Romney and what will make him the successful republican candidate that Romney couldn’t be.


If you think Trump will win, a few months ago you probably didn’t believe he stood a chance – and the same trail of thinking makes you wrong in both cases. About the time of Iowa primaries, observers just didn’t want to deduce anything from the polls. They couldn’t imagine that Trump could pick up a fight with the whole bunch of more likely republican candidates.

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