Will Trump Win the Elections? The Answer Is Here

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No one took Trump seriously, so no one managed to gather enough strength to confront him, and during the months when he was eyed with a mixture of amusement in suspicion, the millionaire actually achieved a significant electorate. No one opposed Trump for fear of alienating his electors or just out of leniency… And now it’s too late for the other republicans.

So what can Trump do to get a better result than Romney?

Democrats are not planning to repeat the republican mistake: they’re going to attack Trump on all fronts and use all possible means; means republicans could have utilized, but they failed to see the need. Now democrats have a lot to exploit: Trump’s misogyny and homophobia, his racist approach, the numerous frauds he’s committed in his financial history; the fact that he has no experience at all at governing.

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There is a significant group of voters who love Trump, the angry lot who feel exposed and threatened in the current world. Trump’s call for a ban on Muslim presence or the desire to build a wall on the border with Mexico got him a huge following amongst a part of the masses. They are the reason why Trump won the GOP primary. However, they are also why the ordinary American is simply afraid of Trump; why they will do anything to stop him becoming the president. That shows in the general polls – Trump never tops those.

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