11 Celebrity Diets That Are Impossible to Handle

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When we see all the celebrities sporting their perfect bodies at the award shows and red carpets, we can’t help it but wonder how they do it. Don’t they eat chocolate like all normal people do? Do they eat anything at all?

Well, my friends, the truth is that they probably don’t. And some of them take their diets to such an extreme that they exist only on water. Crazy, right? You’ve heard nothing yet.

Here’re the absolutely impossible celebrity diets that are just impossible to handle!

Beyonce’s lemonade diet

Source: Reuters

Lemonade isn’t only the name of Queen Bey’s latest album. It was also her only ‘food’ for 10 days straight. It’s totally true. She consumed only lemon juice mixed with maple syrup and pepper. This isn’t an actual diet, but it’s treated like that still. Wow! Not to mention that she actually lost amazing 9 kilos.

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