O.J.’s Buried Knife Found After Years

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A buried knife has been found in the limits of the propriety previously owned by O.J. Simpson. According to sources rooted in the law enforcement, the knife has been turned over to the LAPD for evidence testing. It is unbelievable how the police came into the knife’s possession. There are numerous versions so as to the story’s ‘when’ – it might have been 1998, back when the deconstruction took place, or reportedly “several years ago”. The armament, a folding buck knife, was found by a construction worker who proceeded to take the weapon to the nearby police officer. The cop listened to the knife’s story and… took it for himself, making it disappear without a trace for years. Actually, sources tell us the officer wasn’t even on duty at the time – he found himself at the crime scene accidentally, employed as a bodyguard in a nearby house.


Via: www.dailymail.co.uk

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