The 15 Most Famous Cults in History

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A cult does not generally refer to a religious sect, but a social group that believes and practices a culture that is outside the mainstream. While most cults start out as non-violent, their core beliefs and the fanatic devotion of their members is what turns a cult towards a destructive, suicidal and extremist path. Out of the several cults that have existed in the past, here are the most famous, or rather infamous cults in history.

Heaven’s Gate


Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles brew up this strange cult which convinced its followers to walk beside them on the path of enlightenment and salvation by leaving Earth! By convincing 38 followers to commit suicide when the Haley’s Comet arrived in 1997, Applewhite announced that the a spaceship awaited them at the tail of the comet.

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