Why Kim And Kanye May Be Less Happy Than They Pretend To Be

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Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West happy? At first sight, there can be no negative answer – after all, so many controversies have already surrounded the couple, but they still stand by each other’s side. However, if you look at them up close, you can see a lot of hints at the true, less admirable nature of their relationship.


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Being a celeb might look like the perfect job, but let’s be empathic for a moment – if you’re famous, your to-do list is usually packed so tightly that you can barely find time for enjoying all your riches. Not to mention leading a healthy family life. Both stars travel a lot and have countless events to attend. Hardly ever can they be seen together if they’re not on some flashy ceremony. Add to that the fact that the couple live in Kris Jenner’s mansion – with the whole family constantly around them, they can never experience true intimacy.

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